The Clothing Store That Makes Shopping Easy

Clothing StoreEstablished in 2014, YEE! The Urban Apparel Culture has a young and ambitious team dedicated to providing top-of-the-line services and merchandise. Our mission is to supply our customers with a wide range of clothing and accessories by high-end fashion brands and offer them at competitive prices. Unlike other online shops, we aim to make the task of clothes shopping online, a smooth, effortless, and enjoyable experience and our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority at all times. Our trendy clothing store produces and sells a unique local brand that shows our appreciation and love for the Antioch, CA community.

If you’ve had the disappointing experience to place an order that never arrived; or send a query that was never answered, we will easily change your opinion about clothes’ shopping online. We have a quick and friendly customer service that will attend to your every need and will promptly respond to all your questions. We keep a very close track of all our merchandise, and by implementing strict stock monitoring controls we always have the items that you require, and never have to use the “Out of Stock” label. Since we produce our brand, if a certain size or color is running out of stock, we simply manufacture and print more of the item you want.

YEE! The Urban Apparel Culture is a proud owner and sole distributor of the YEE! Clothing and Apparel line and we are happy to share with our customers the Antioch, CA urban culture. We serve the surrounding 60-mile areas and our remarkable clothing store is at your disposal online at any time. If you are interested in our YEE! brand and you want to wear proudly one of our items, simply order it online or call us at (510) 803-9506 to ask for your specific size or color. Don’t forget to regularly check out our bundle prices and grab yourself a bargain!


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