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Do you like shopping online for your favorite clothes and accessories? Are you a fashion fan? Check out our online clothing store and you will surely find what you’ve been looking for! YEE! The Urban Apparel Culture is a women’s and men’s clothing store specializing in selling high-street brands. We produce and distribute our own clothing which was developed as a tribute to our beloved Antioch, CA community.

Why go clothes shopping online

Because it’s easy, quick, fun, and the variety offered is beyond imagination! Nowadays, our busy lives often leave us no time to go to the city shops and often stocks are limited there. On the Internet, everything is just a click away. You save time, stress, and money, especially when you take advantage of special discounts. What is more, your purchase can be delivered right to your door. Then, if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it without difficulty.

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How we can help

Our online men’s and women’s clothing store is not just another shop. We offer a first-class selection of top fashion brands, as well as, our own excellent independent clothing line which you cannot find anywhere else. We produce limited edition t-shirts, long-sleeved baseball shirts, hoodies, snapback hats, and tank tops. They come in sizes S to 6XL, in various colors, and with different stamps at the front. They all carry our unique YEE! logo, which represents a local greeting and is a symbol of our respect for the Antioch, CA city and its people. All clothing and accessories are produced from soft fabrics and high-quality materials. The branding is created using modern equipment and a special imprinting method that ensures the durability and quality of the stamp.

Our Services

– Online clothing sales
– Apparel for both Men and women
– T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and pajamas
– Face and skin masks
– Hats, headbands, and bow ties
– Shoes, wallets, and purses
– Earrings, stickers, and other accessories

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YEE! The Urban Apparel Culture
Antioch, CA
Phone: (510) 803-9506

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Our team works Mondays through Fridays, and our clothing store is open 24/7 for online purchases only. We sell at great prices and deliver quickly, so if you want to check what we have in store, simply call us today!

by Derek S. on

I’m a huge fan of your YEE! line and all your items! Like you, I love our city and I’m so glad you’ve created such a nice way to show your appreciation... Read More Reviews


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